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  1. Our services are provided to adults over the age of 18 years.
  2. If you are under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs, your visit is also better to move to a different time as our main task is to deliver our clients a maximum of pleasure ... In this case it is impossible to achieve the desired effect. In other words, you just won’t be able to relax.
  3. Providing sexual services by the staff members of Caramel Massage Salon is absolutely excluded.
  4. The massage session can be stopped in the following cases:
  • The client asked the staff members of our massage parlor to provide him sexual services;
  • The client uses penetrating caresses in the masseuse’s bikini area;
  • The client displays physical perseverance in inducing to sex. Rude behavior towards our masseuses also leads to termination of the session.
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