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Handwoven, handcrafted, vintage - not only the KILIM PILLOW covers and rugs bring some history and style into your homes, they all have meaning and can tell a lot about where they came from or about the person who made them. Each small pattern has its special meaning, soul and history. We love to share our passion with you. Wheather you have a contemporary, modern or a bohemian decorated home be sure that you can always find a pillow or a kilim rug that wil look just like it was always meant to be there. There might be so many pillow covers you owned or have seen on the market, so many designs and styles. Each kilim pillow you find here is unique and one of a kind as you, as your home. Our kilim pillows are made from best quality vintage turkish kilim rugs. Each rug is unique, so is the pillow! Most of the times you can find pillows that makes a pair together, and still each is one of a kind. We choose only kilims in very good vintage condition to design the pillows and we guarantee the best quality.
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